Ready for a cleaner healthier home?

Call Mitch for Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning and leather cleaning services throughout Launceston and across Northern Tasmania.

World’s leading carpet and upholstery cleaner now in Launceston and across Northern Tasmania

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning can help you remove the allergens and bacteria hiding in your home and improve your indoor air quality.

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Carpet Cleaning

Chem-Dry cleaning process uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning, carpets dry within hours, not days. So you and your family can get back to enjoying your home sooner.


Rug Cleaning

At Chem-Dry we use specialised tools and equipment designed for whatever kind of rug you have, including synthetic, wool, cotton, silk and many other types.


Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery furniture cleaning services are strong enough to clean the deepest stains, gentle enough not to damage furniture and safe for your entire family.


Mattress Cleaning

We clean the entire mattress (side, back and front) as well as treat the mattress with a sanitising chemical which is a disinfectant.

Chem-Dry is Your Trusted Partner in Removing Allergens and Bacteria From Your Carpets.

  • Pet Cleanup

  • Coffee Cleanup

  • Wine Cleanup

  • Puppy Cleanup

  • Protect Your Kids

  • Mites

  • Kids and Carpets

  • Family and Carpets

Before Chem-Dry

Little Missy has been watching the Pro Hart ads on TV. Decided mum’s lip gloss was a nice colour!!

After Chem-Dry

She (and Mum) were most excited when Chem-Dry Cleaner Carpets managed to restore the carpet back to its original state.

Ready for a cleaner healthier Home?

Mitch provides Chem-Dry carpet, mattress, upholstery and leather cleaning services throughout Launceston and across Northern Tasmania.

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  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Upholstery Furniture Cleaning

  • Mattress Cleaning

  • Mattress Dry Cleaning

  • Rug Cleaning

  • Leather Cleaning

  • Spot Cleaning

  • Car Upholstery Cleaning

The Power of Carbonation

Carbonation offers a superior carpet and upholstery cleaning process … One of the reasons people choose Chem-Dry over other services is for the peace of mind of knowing we offer a healthier, safer

ChemDry Versus Steam Clean

All carpet and upholstery cleaning services are not created equal … When searching for a quality carpet cleaning company, keep in mind that not all carpet cleaning services are created equal

Why Chemdry

Less water leads to faster drying carpets At Chem-Dry, we understand that when you call a carpet cleaning service, you’re looking for more than just a basic cleaning that removes the top level of

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